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China Beats

by TD Reply

Your one stop shop for the chinese data ecosystem

China consumer intelligence

helping you win China

Everyone talks about the need to understand China's market, but how? With China Beats, there is now an easy way to do just that.

By continuously analyzing social listening and contextual data from the most relevant Chinese digital platforms, China Beats allows you to uncover China market trends before your competitors will.

Data Ecosystem

Access to China's Data Ecosystem is key to success

Most of the Chinese population are netizens that prefer to use Chinese digital platforms such as Alibaba, Baidu, or Sina Weibo in their day-to-day life. We refer to the totality of these platforms as China’s Data Ecosystem.

It is a treasure trove of invaluable data for businesses. Yet due to technology and language barriers, getting to this data often proves to be a major challenge.

Access to China's Data Ecosystem is key to success
Consumer intelligence platform
Your one-stop shop for China's data ecosystem

Consumer intelligence platform

China Beats is a consumer intelligence platform solution tapping into the most relevant sources in China's data ecosystem.

Utilizing AI-driven scraping and analytics algorithms, data is turned into information that can really help you make better decisions.

Made by TD Reply

Data experts you can rely on

China Beats is developed by TD Reply, a leading Data-Driven Marketing specialist headquartered in Berlin with a client roster that includes some of the most valuable companies across industries.

With its Beijing office, which was opened 2010, TD Reply has ten years of hands-on experience in China.

Data experts you can rely on
Thought Starter

Technology in Action

In this thought starter, China Beats data takes a close look at how technology is used and brought to life at hyper speed in China - and what we can learn from that.

Download out latests thought starter report to get the answers.



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