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China Beats is your gateway to brand, industry, and competitor insights for China. You decide just how deep you want to go. Choose between a predefined China Beats offering or let us design a package for you that caters to your specific needs.

Follow the Industry coverage
Follow your industry coverage: Automotive, Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology, Consumer Goods
Stay up to date with industry news
See what and who is driving the industry: hot topics & main players
Social & Search data first-hand
Starting at €490/month
Set up your own CNB Dashboard and track your brand
Explore topics, trends, and KOLs
Create your China data ecosystem
Detect trends early on
Powerful intelligence
Order bespoke services to facilitate impactful decision-making for:

Category – Brand – Communication – Sale

Access and search historic, transferable and raw data in EN & CN
Integration in Pulse Dashboard
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How can European Football clubs win the Chinese market?

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