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“China Beats is the first tool that can give answers to high-level strategic questions such as: Where in China can I be particularly successful with my products? Who are the main players and key opinion leaders in my China market? Which trends dominate among my Chinese audience?”

Lars-Alexander Mayer

Partner TD Reply

All relevant china data in one place

China Beats encompasses the most relevant data sources in China’s Data Ecosystem, from eCommerce, social media and search platforms to news portals, patent databases, statistical offices and more. All data mined is timely, granular, refined, and quality-controlled via the Advanced Analytics engine.
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Focus on relevance

It is important to find the sweet spot between data volume and potential for important insights in order to eliminate redundant noise. This is why China Beats is connected only to data sources that are truly relevant for the Automotive, Fashion & Luxury, FMCG (coming soon), and Tech (coming soon) industries.

“China Beats is based on many years of scientific research and expertise in Social Listening and AI in China. With China Beats, we can offer our global standard in data-driven market intelligence in and for the Chinese market.”

Simon Zhe Fang

Managing Director TD Reply Beijing

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How it works


China Beats employs the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) language modelling approach, one of the latest advances in NLP. This translates to bidirectional language training via Machine Learning, which allows China Beats to recognize meaning from language better than most other social listening solutions.

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POWERFUL FEATURES to enhance your Market acumen

POWERFUL FEATURES to enhance your Market acumen

Industry View

Track the performance of your industry. Explore the player landscape, hot topics, trends, KOLs, and more at a glance.

Brand View

Check and track the health of your brand and how it performs vis-á-vis competitors. Discover emerging players, booming regions, and brand KOLs.

Social Listening Dashboard

Find all your search, buzz, and sentiment data neatly visualized in one place. Easily set up individual filters for advanced analyses.

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