China’s complete data ecosystem at your fingertips

What makes China Beats different is the unparalleled amount of data sources it is connected to and its AI-driven Advanced Analytics engine, which processes the data to turn it into real insights.

The one stop shop

China Beats encompasses literally the whole Chinese Data Ecosystem – from all relevant eCommerce, Social Media, and Search platforms to news portals, patent databases, statistical offices and more. All data mined is timely, granular, refined, and quality-controlled via the Advanced Analytics engine.
Chinese market

When accessing the data, you have the choice between three levels of complexity:

Original and unaltered online data that includes the verbatim online quotes and mentions

Data that ranges back to January 2019 independently of the setup date and allows for the creation of robust statistical models

Data that can be quantitatively and qualitatively assessed within China Beats or transferred to any database via download or API connection

China Beats magic

Turning the data into valuable information

Channeling these immense amounts of data into one place is only one part of the magic of China Beats. The other part lies in interpreting it intelligently with the help of its Advanced Analytics Engine.

Powered by sophisticated Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms, it turns data into coherent and easily digestible pieces of information that will assist you in making the right strategic decisions.

It has never been easier

All you need for social listening in china

Social listening in China has never been easier. China Beats is the only solution allowing you to listen to all relevant Chinese eCommerce, Search, and Social Media platforms at once.

Moreover, the data is processed in a highly intelligent manner. Via sophisticated Natural Language Processing, it can take slang and context into account. As a result, you can work with coherent English sentences that always transport the correct meaning of an online commentary or search term.

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